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Autonomous mode - only one side of drive train operates

We have a basic robot project testing the autonomous mode code - created a robot project (arcade drive).  The only change we made was to enable the disabled diagram and changed the values to 1 for left and right.  

When we run the code (on several different robots) - only one side runs.

We have tested this on several laptops - building and deploying to the two different robots.

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It sounds like you are thinking "left and right" == "X and Y" inputs on the arcade drive VI.  If you pass "1->X and 1->Y", you'll get exactly that... one side will drive and the other will be stopped.

If you want to give "left and right" you need to use the tank drive VI.  If you want to keep using arcade drive, you need to use -1 for y and 0 for x to drive forward at full speed.

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