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LabVIEW Continuous Integration (Jenkins/GitHub)

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These example files are to be used in conjunction with the LabVIEW Continuous Integration Tutorial (Jenkins/GitHub).


The tutorial uses these files to illustrate how to graphically diff the source code submission of a Pull request when using Git repositories. It also demonstrates using Jenkins to automate the submission and build process.



Using the LabVIEW Continuous Integration Tutorial, these files (which include LabVIEW VIs and scripts) are placed in separate repositories to automate Jenkins pipelines to:

  • Build a LabVIEW Build Specification
  • Perform Unit Tests
  • Perform a graphical diff of a Pull Request submission on GitHub

Hardware and Software Requirements

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

Place these files in the appropriate directories per the LabVIEW Continuous Integration Tutorial (Jenkins/GitHub).


Additional Information or References


Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.