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Get Excel Data from Specified Field

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This VI accesses an existing Microsoft Excel file, extracts data from the user specified range on the specified sheet, and returns the extracted data in two array forms - one in an array of dbl and one in an array of string. The user is required to enter the sheet name and the range from which he or she wishes to extract data before running this VI. The default value for the sheet name is Sheet1. The default start and end locations of the data range are (0,0) and (0,0), respectively. To extract the entire data from the Excel file included with this vi, set start location to (0,0) and end location to (19,4). Note that (0,0) implies to (row location=0, column location=0). The location values are converted to A1 format using the subVI named Row Col To Range Format.vi, which is used in the Excel Get Data.vi in the Report Generation toolkit.

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