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qnx 6.5 and PCI - 6123

I'm looking to use a PCI-6123 in QNX 6.5


The faq lists QNX support for 6.2 with a "native driver" and lists the 6133 as supported.


Can someone explain what "native driver" implies?


Does anyone know what woudl be involved in using QNX 6.5?

Does anyone know why the 6133 is listed as supported but the 6123  is not?




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I'll try to answer some of your questions.


The driver development kit is split into two parts: the operating system interface and the hardware interface. The operating system interface is used to allow the hardware interface to run on any operating system that is supported by the operating system interface.


Native driver means that the operating system interface for QNX makes calls directly to the QNX operating system. The alternative to this is a VISA driver, which means that the operating system interface makes calls into NI-VISA.


When we say that QNX 6.2 is supported, we mean that it has been tested. QNX 6.5 has not been tested by us, so I am unable to comment on how much effort it would be.


The 6123 is not supported with the DDK because the hardware is substantially different and requires different initialization compared with the 6133/6143.



Steven T.

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