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pseudo code for RLP of M Serial Card

Does NI afford the preliminary draft of the manual of M seriel Card? Last year I received  the  draft of Intelligent DAQ RLP manual and it works well. Under it I use the PCI 78XX card to work by CVI Programs. And Now I use the 6723 in a sample way: every simulation  step(0.5ms) to write a value to the DA channel. Can someone just tell how to do?


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Hi David-
NI does not yet have a manual available for register-level programming of M Series devices.  Instead, the MHDDK is offered along with a brief register map document.  Please feel free to request support in this forum if you have questions that are not covered in the MHDDK M Series examples.
Hopefully this helps-
Tom W
National Instruments
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Today I got the NI DDK for RTX which worked well on the D/A Output of 6230 and 6232. But it just can not work well with the 6723. Does the 6723 card not belong to the M series cards?  How can I do RLP with it?  I use the codes below in CVI to Init card and release card. How can I set the card to work on “immediate mode” and just write value to the DAC(n) register to output the voltage?


unsigned int physAddr0        = 0xfbbfd000;

unsigned int physAddr1        = 0xfbbfa000;

unsigned int numBytes0       = 0x1000;

unsigned int numBytes1       = 0x1000;


unsigned int *physMemPtrInt0;

unsigned int *physMemPtrInt1;


int mapHandle0;

int mapHandle1;

         (to be continue)

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InitCard and releaseCard functions in picture.

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