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how to generate an Interupt for DMA transfer from Counter on NI-PCI-6602

dear guys:

      how to generate an Interupt for DMA transfer from Counter on NI-PCI-6602,and I have set the DMA and DMA_INT, and also the global interrupt register.

but there is no Interupt generated in the Interupt callback function.And when I have set the DMA_INT and global interrupt register ,and then read the relevant register,the relevant bit is also 0.

     I suspect there is an Interupt register contral, like the MITE, you must write the value to 0xc4 for opening .

     there is some codes In my enclosure .What can I do?

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I've briefly looked through your code and I'm unable to tell the exact offsets and registers you are hitting.


Would you be able to provide a full list of accesses to the 6602 card?


This should give me enough information to see the registers you are hitting and determine if that should be enough to cause interrupts to get generated from the card. It would be best if the functions that read/write the registers just wrote the register offset, operation (read/write), and data as the program executes.



Steven T.

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dear Steven_T:

        the registers are In my enclosure ,if you have some ideas,please reply me  first time.thank you !

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