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X series with MHDDK for RTX 32bits compile with Visual C++ 6.0



Can we compile the X series cards MHDDK for RTX 32 bits with the Visual C++ 6.0?


I try to do it, but I can't. Is possible or not?




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Hi Norbert,


Could you explain a bit more about the errors your are seeing? Any compiler logs and configuration information would be helpful. Also, what version of RTX are you running? We haven't tested the X Series DDK with RTX, so you may need to make some modifications to get this working.

Steven K.
National Instruments
Software Engineer
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With the Visual C++ 6.0, we have many error messages. It seems that's not possible to do this with this compilator.

We try to complie this in 32bits and 64bits with Visual Studio 2010 and it's ok. But when we execute the application, it works few minutes and we got  a blue screen and the message "RTX runtime error R6016 not enough space for thread data".


What's is the cause of this?





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Hey Norbert,


Can you give us more detail of what is going on when this happens? Is there a specific part of application this always happens on? Have any modifications been done to the examples? From the error this sounds like you could be running into something like this issue:

Steven K.
National Instruments
Software Engineer
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Sorry for the late reply.

The blue screen is triggered randomly, without defining a place in the application.
The link you provided we do not seem to correspond to our problem, we do not launch multiple threads repeatedly.
Could you specify a time for the validation of MHDDK 64 bits for X series cards because without solving this problem, we can not use these cards to our real-time module?

thank you

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