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PCIe 6509 Full Reset (Register-Level Programming)

We're looking to implement a function using register-level interactions to reset a PCIe 6509 card.  According to the register-level programming manual for the PCIe 6509 card (373665a), the card has a Joint_Reset_Register, which has a Software_Reset bit.


This is the description for that Software_Reset bit:  "Setting this bit to 1 resets the DAQ-STC3 endpoint. One difference between a hardware reset and a software reset is that personality bits are not cleared on a software reset. This bit is a strobe and clears itself."


However, the manual does not specify what exactly a hardware reset does, nor what a software reset does.


If anyone here knows, please describe the full effects of a software reset and a hardware reset, as well as how to perform both (if applicable) using register-level programming.


Additionally, if anyone has the latest documentation available for the relevant STC3 DAQ version used in the PCIe 6509 card, please point me along to it.


Thank you!

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