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PCI-6509 I/O direction bit-by-bit

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I am trying to write some low-level code to use the PCI-6509 board.  I've already done this for the PCIe-6509.  However, the DDK code I downloaded doesn't seem to allow me to select the I/O direction of an individual bit... it seems to be in 8-bit groups only.  My understanding is that the PCI-6509 board is supposed to allow individual control over I/O direction (like the PCIe board does).  Can anyone help me.



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Hi Jwstonge


Unfortunately the PCI variant of the 6509 can only be configured port-by-port, not line-by-line.


This KB gives a list of what devices support line-by-line configuration.


The PCIe-6509 is built on a different architecture than the other form factors.



Luke B.


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