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How to send SCPI commands to a VXI instrument

I am using a VXI Interface tech SR2510 LVDS card with teststand and keep getting the following error when the intial diagnostics test trys to run. "Device I/O Driver error" I tried to use the Visa Interface and the interactive control in NI MAX but was not able to send SCPI commands. What can I use to communicate with this card. The resource manager does successfully execute and I see my instrument in the devices list so I am confident it is not a VXI problem.

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Hello DF1963,


Can you communicate with the card through its driver/interface? Also, please review the following NI-VISA Help topic: Introduction to Programming VXI Devices in VISA to ensure that correct commands are being sent. If your device is correctly configured in MAX, I would also recommend verifying with the card manufacturer as well.


Best regards,


Ali M

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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