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Bug in SGLChunklyLink could cause crash if DMA allocation fails

While running a static analysis tool, I came across a bug, which if  hit, would cause a CRASH.


In the constructor tCHInChSGLChunkyLink::tCHInChSGLChunkyLink,


      _linkMemory = _bus->allocDMA(_maxSize);
      if (_linkMemory == NULL)

      // Enforce 8-byte alignment for link memory addresses
      if (_linkMemory->getPhysicalAddress() % 8 != 0)


If the memory could not be allocated, then _linkMemory is dereferenced.

The fix should move the derference inside a  "if (status.isNotFatal )"   check

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Hello Kenstern,


I appreciate you letting us know about your findings. I've recorded this in a bug report and we will be investigating the potential issue.



Steven T.

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