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Announcing X Series support in the NI MHDDK

The Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit (MHDDK) [1] has been updated to include support for X Series DAQ devices and is now available for download. The MHDDK provides development tools and a register-level programming (RLP) interface for NI data acquisition hardware for writing a custom device driver.

Included in the update:

  • X Series plugin device support (PCIe/PXIe 632x, 634x, 635x, 636x, 637x)
  • X Series RLP documentation (device theory of operation, programming best practices, register documentation)
  • X Series register maps for custom code generation
  • 28 examples demonstrating AI, AO, DIO, and counter IO operations on X Series devices
  • Scatter-gather DMA with optimized PCIe bus throughput for X Series devices
  • 64-bit kernel support (for VISA and Linux kernel module OS interface implementations)
  • More information is available in the readme [2]

The MHDDK is a licensed source distribution. You must read and accept the license agreement [3] before downloading documentation or source code.

[1] NI MHDDK Product Page

[2] NI MHDDK readme

[3] NI MHDDK License Agreement and Download

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