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The power supply of NI-6733 gives 1.6V instead of 5V. Is it repairable?

I am using a NI-6733 connected to a BNC-2110. The problem is my  power supply output is 1.6 V instead of 5 V and the little LED on the BNC-2110 doesn't turn on.The corresponding output pin on the cable connecting the computer to the BNC-2110, shows  5V for the power supply, but it can't derive any current.  I have also checked the Analog and digital outputs and they work totally fine (-10-10 V output for analoge and 0-5 V output for digital ones).

Is the problem fixible? or can we send the board for repair? Also is it ok to use the board for the other purpuses or is it better to keep it off?

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Hi SaraEj,


When you say the power supply output is 1.6 V, this is the voltage coming from the +5V pin on the BNC-2110, correct? or is this the voltage level you measure from the PCI card alone? I ask just so you can be sure whether the problem is with the BNC-2110 or the PCI-6733. Do you have another terminal block with which you can check the 5V output level? Likewise, you can also try using a different PCI slot in your computer. Are there any bent pins or visible damage at any of the connections? Have you tried a different cable?


Either way, if the problem is with the 6733 or the BNC 2110 the hardware can be sent in and repaired. And continuing to use the hardware shouldn't cause any problems. If it is in fact damaged, the impact of that damage sounds like it's isolated to that one channel so using the other channels should be fine.


Hopefully this helps,


Chris G

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I'll elaborate that the 6733 can only drive 5mA, so if you're loading it more than that, the voltage will drop.  If you're looking for a higher current output, look at either the 4141/4140/4132/4130/4110.  Let me know if you're unsure which power supply fits your needs.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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