Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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SMU capable of max voltage 0f 200V and max currrent of 1A

Hi ,


   I am trying to implement a PXI based tester for one of our appliactions. The tester is required to do simple voltage and leakage current measurements. But it is required to have a voltage range of 0 to 200V . And I should also be able to force a voltage of as high as 200V to do a leakage current measuremnt. Also I would need to measure currents in the range of nA. The highest current that I will be forcing for voltage measurement will be 1A. Is it possible for me to implement this kind of a set up using any of NI pxi cards? I have previously used pxi 4132 . However this card has a maximum current of +- 100mA.

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Hi phx_tech,


We don't presently have an SMU module in our portfolio that goes up as high as 200V, but we're always open to hearing feedback on application areas that we may have gaps in.  I'm curious to hear more about what you're doing.  Can you provide more details, specifically:

1.  Do you need current sinking capability up to 1A max, or just sourcing capability up to that level?

2.  What current level do you need at 200V?

3.  What voltage level do you need at 1A?

4.  You mention measuring currents in the range of nA.  What resolution do you need for currents in this range?



Andrew Wooster

Precision DC Group Manager

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Hi Andrew,


   We were planning to shift to a new tester for an autosorting machine that we have . The auto sort machine will sort the ic chips based on their voltage and current values and put them in seperate bins. 

We would be interested in having a pxi based smu which can operate at 200V and the current level at 200V will be 10-20mA. And at 1A the voltage level will be around 10-20V. Also we would need a current measuremnt range of 100nA with a resolution of 1 pA. 

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