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PXI-4071 serial number

I have been asked to supply the serial numbers for two PXI-4071 DMM cards. Is the serial number physically located on the card or do I have to programmatically search for the serial numbers in MAX or Labview? If in Labview, is there a specific sub-vi that is used to find the card serial number? Thanks.

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Here are five ways you can determine the serial number for your board:



  1. Look for it on the sticker near the PXI connector (the one with the bar code). If the card in a chassis you will have a hard time reading it.
  2. Programmatically get it using the NI-ModInst API
  3. Programmatically get it using the System Configuration API
  4. Programmatically get it using the NI-DMM API
  5. Read it from MAX by selecting the board. It will show up on the right hand side.


Hopefully you find one or more of these options adequate.




Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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Thanks Marcos! The number on the barcode sticker corresponded to the serial number in MAX under "Traditional MI-DAQ (Legacy) Devices".

I appreciate your suggestions.

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Sorry, thats "NI-DAQ".

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We are having the same issue.


We are using a whole crate of NI PXI equipment as part of an Automated Test Equipment station.  At the start of the test, we want to log the model number, serial number, and the calibration date of each of the cards in the crate. 


Then, after we have the list, and the calibration dates are OK, we would start the test.


Is there a way to gather this information in a vi?  We don't want to work off a txt list, because sometimes cards fail, and they would get swapped out, and someone might forget to update the list.  In this case the crad list and serial numbers would not match the card serial number in the crate, and that would cause problems during an audit, for example.


Any ideas?



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Yes, you can read all that information using NI-DMM.

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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I'm thinking the situation we are facing is a little more involved.

Here is a list of the number of cards are the type of cards that are in the chassis:

1) 5402

3) 4070

3) 4204

1) 6733

1) 5122

And so on.......


I'm looking for a way to have a vi

1) scan the PXI bus (poll each slot and find out if a card is there).

2) locate the NI equipment on the bus (we have stuff from other vendors also, but lets start with the NI cards)

3) gather the model number, serial number and calibration dates from each of the NI cards on the buss and pass the information back to TestStand to be included in the UUT report.


Since I want the code to be reusable, I don't want to pass a list of equipment to the vi and have it check the list.  This is where I don't think the NI- DMM vi approach would work for us.  I want the vi to poll each slot in the chassis, and then record the information (model, serail and calibration date).  And not make/modify a vi for each chassis, and then modify it each time a card gets added or subtracted.


I would think that others that are using TestStand as an ATE would have faced this issue, but maybe I'm missing something.


Any ideas?





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Use the System Configuration API. It's already installed in your system if you have reasonably recent drivers. Check out the shipping examples for it. It's pretty easy to use.

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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