Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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PXI-2527 and 4072 Handshaking?


Hello All,


I am trying to get 4-wire resistance readings using a PXI-2527 with a 2627 terminal block, the DMM is PXI-4072. When running the attached VI, all I see is a quick flash on the waveform graph of two readings then it disappears. I hear a clicking out of the PXI that I am using as it scans each channel. What I am trying to do is run 4 wires to a connector (10 total) and keep log of resistance readings from each connector over the course of the test.


Any help will be appreciated.




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I'm running the VI with no hitch, using simulated devices.  So, I'm inclined to think that the code is properly written.  What's your setup look like?  Can you describe the connections you've made on each device -- what is plugged into each terminal?

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