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Measurement & Automation Explorer Window flickering

While using the Measurement & Automation Explorer, I encountered a flickering window:

[Measurement & Automation Explorer -> Remote Systems -> cFP Bank -> (Right click on any item) Go to Items Configuration -> I/O Data (Tab)]

This phenomenon appeared after updating from Windows XP to Windows 7.
It seems as if Windows 7 refreshes the window all the time. Is there anything to do about it? It's quite annoying to work with... 😕


Thanks for any ideas! 🙂


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Good Morning,


I have never encountered anything like this. You can try some things to address he problem:


Do you have the Problem on another Windows 7 Computer, too?

When exactly does this occur? The way I understood it is as follows: You try to configure an ethernet cFP via network, right?

So when you configure the IO Data, you get the flickering window.

Personally I've never worked with a cFP on Windows 7, so I haven't ecountered that problem, but I think that R&D would have fixed it already, if it was a common Problem.


Also do you have the newest Version of NI-RIO and FieldPoint?


Field Point 


Additionally: What do you mean by Update to Windows 7?


Best regards,

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I am having the same problem after upgrading from WXP to W7 and from LV 2011 to LV2012.  Did you get any resolution for this problem? Thanks



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