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Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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Maximum DC offset for DMM AC Measurement



I am currently surveying DMM for a high AC voltage measurement(1000V pk, AC). It looks like PXI-4081 is a suitable solution. However, my customer told me that their signal might have a high DC offset (300~500V). I saw the  SPEC. of PXI-4081 said it has Maximum DC voltage component 400V, does it mean that the DMM can measure an AC pk 1000V voltage plus 400V offset? (Max voltage equals 1400V to ground) or the maximum positive peak voltage is still 1000V to gnd?


Thank you all.




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Moreover, if 1400V to ground is not possible to input to PXI-4081, is it ok to use AC coupling to remove the high DC voltage?


Thank you and have a great day

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