Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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How to calibrate fluke 376 true rms clampmeter with fluke 9100 calibrator

I have a problem while i calibrate fluke 376 clampmeter with 9100 multifunction calibrator on step C-23 they require AC Amps with 50 turn coil and Calibrator Output is 8 A @ 50 Hz. When i select is in fluke 9100 multifunction calibrator it shows that a error message "the value is too small", so i am not able to calibrate further steps of my clampmeter. please somebody help me how to calibrate my clampmeter by using fluke 9100 multifunction calibrator.

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I don't see how your question is related to NI's DMMs. That is what this board is for. It sounds like you need to be contacting Fluke.

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