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Does LabVIEW have a function to show code to support design documentaton?

I'm in the process of developing a Software Product Specification for a test stand employing Labview - Version 5.0.1.f.1. I have previously attended some LabVIEW seminars and was under the impression the C (or C++) code could be viewed "behind" the virtual instrumentation used by LabVIEW. However, in talking with the software engineers that built this system, apparently this is not the case. Aside from the binary code generated by LabVIEW, is there any way to determine the CSCI\CSC\CSU architecture of a system (i.e., per the old MIL-STD-2167 requirements)?

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Todd Burton
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I suggest thinking of LabVIEW as a programming language such as you view C. In this fashion, you can develop code in LabVIEW and determine the CSCI\CSC\CSU of any systems you develop in this language. The subVIs are like subroutines (CSUs) and these are built into larger components CSCs which become the application CSCI just as with designing in a typical C programming language. You then only need to specify the design of the LabVIEW application that you develop.

Jeremy Braden
National Instruments
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