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4140 Password Error

Hello Labview,


I am trying to update the residual voltage offset on my 4140. For some reason when I try to initialize an external calibration setting it won't accept the default password "NI" and sends a "Password supplied is incorrect" error 


The calibration documents indicate nothing about a possible change of the password from the NI default. Is there an issue with the string labeling in the VI? Is it necessary to add an end of line or carriage return? Any help is appreciated. 

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Hey @bdh1, 


The default password is still "NI", and you shouldn't have to add any special characters. 

If you're certain that no one has intentionally changed the password, we'd like to look into that more. 


In this situation, I think it would be better for you to reach out to our support org and create a service request through

They can help work through some options for resetting the password for your SMU. 



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Hi also i am facing the same problem. could you help to solve this issue. we had contacted Ni team but did not get proper help.

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