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Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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4071/4081 DMM Input Resistance Property Setting

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I am trying to set the 4071 and 4081 DMM's input resistance via the DMM property node.  I have gathered from other posts that the range of possible settings (1M, 10M, >10G) is limited by a combo of Auto Range, Range, and (possibly) Auto Zero settings.  I am unable to get the device to enter 1M mode.  Any thoughts on what settings are required to allow the devices to enter 1M input resistance mode?

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These details are typically documented in the DMM help file or the user manual.

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Available input resistance settings are listed in the product specifications.  1M is not an option for the 4071 and 4081.  You can do 1M in digitizer mode on the 4070/72/80/82.

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Thank you, @ChrisR.!

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