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what is the data type of ni usb-9162 which is using for getting the sound signal from a microphone

I am using NI USB-9162 to transform the signal form a microphone which is analog to digital signal.


I was wondering that for using data I/O to labview, do i have to use only the device that was made from NI?

shortly,is the  data tranfering to the labview is it some kind of special type for NI? or is it just the data which is transformed analog to digital?

if it is just transformed i would like to use only the microphone to get the data.

so what i am asking is that what kind of data type is the NI USB-9162 transfering to the labview program?


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In order to take a measurement from a transducer (microphone), you will need an ADC that converts the analog into a digital signal that the computer can understand and process.


You don't have to use NI devices to do this, but can use any ADC that can read analog signals. You just need to know how that device communicates with the computer and be sure that the particular protocol is supported by LabVIEW.


If you have LabVIEW and the 9162, then you will need to select a c-series analog input module which will be placed inside the 9162. You can connect the signals from the microphone to the module and process those signals in LabVIEW by using the DAQmx driver (the protocol that is used for communication between the module and LabVIEW) that ships with the module.

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Do you know much about the microphone?  If it is ICP or IEPE type, it will need power from the data acquisition device.  One module that provides power for the microphone is the 9234 which also works in the 9162.



Preston Johnson
Solutions Manager, Industrial IoT: Condition Monitoring and Predictive Analytics
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