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speeding up the drawing of spectrum

Dear expert,

I am using DIO 6533 board (PCI-32-HS) connected with my Optical Spectrum Analyzer to do data acquisition. Now I can get data out from the Spectrum Analyzer�s memory and drew the spectrum chart using the Labview application software. But the main problem I met is that the speed is very slow, the more data points took out, the slow the spectrum drew. It seems that the period of data abstraction time is slow. Because I have several control lines in port D, such as /Reset, /CE, /WE, etc. Which will send DIO strobe
signals in specific amount of nina second to my Optical Spectrum Analyzer. For example, I need to send an at most 40ns. digital "0" signal on the /CE line from my PC to the Optical Spectrum
Analyzer, how I can do that to satisfy the time requirement of my control lines. I know using the Labview application software can�t provide the nina seconds. Is there easier way to support this restriction? Please give me any suggestions and details on this case. Thanks a lot!
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The 6533 has can be clocked to output data at 20MS/s (or 20MHz) using Pattern Generation to output data. 20 MHz will only give you control of 50ns, so 40ns timing cannot be accomplished with the 6533.

The other option would be to use a 5411 which is a function generator, but it has the ability to ouput digital data at a rate of 40MHz which would be 25ns.
You have the option to output digital data at a rate of 40MHz/n; n=integer 1....2^24-1.
The 5411 has 16-bits of digital output.

You can also use RTSI to trigger both cards at the same time if your application requires, but the 6533 will still run at a max rate of 20MHz and the 5411 at a max of 40MHz.
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