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Digital I/O

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driving a mosfet

I made a program to genrate a logic high,
but i have some problems in it, some times there is a error saying,

' wrie cannot be perfprmed because the number of channels in the data does not match the number of channels in the task'

but i have only one digital port with 8lines , of which i wanted to genrate a logic high (gave a constant true) only at one line ( at P0 0/ line 1).

when i run the program some times it has no errors, and sometimes it has errors mentioned above, in any case i dont see any voltage across my load. My task is switch on the mosfet driver with a logic high, inturn drive mosfet to ON. inspite of having no errors, mosfet is open and not conducting!

what is the mistake i made? do i need any speacial connections to make the digital lines of mosfet active?
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Hi Twilight,

please write me more to your hard and software configuration you're using.

If you want to build an application using the digital output of your card, there are several examples available in LabVIEW (also in CVI or Measurement Studio) using the DAQmx driver. The DAQmx Write VI writes samples to the task or channel you specify. For writing only one line you can configure this polymorphic VI to "Single Channel --> Single Sample --> 1D Boolean (1 line per channel).

Just have a look on the example "Write Dig" in the LabVIEW example library and configure the Write VI for your application.

To test your card you can use the Measurement and Automation Explorer. In any case you should be able to generate a logic high from there, this should work before you start programming.

For further questions to your problem please write me which driver version, Hardware and Software products you're using.



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