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display a 8-bit binary number in three 7-segments

the actual circuit is a multiplier 4-bit x 4-bit so the result is a 8-bit binary number but I need to display it in decimal format to do that a three decade 7-segment is needed, but no idea how to conect this output to the 7-segment, maybe using multiplexer
If any ideas please help
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Hi Sam50!
Are you trying to implement that in multisim? Or you trying to implement it in Real Life?
There is an IC that helps you do it, its a BCD 7 Segment converter, this one has the common number 7447 or 7448 depending on the signal you are using (low or high).
There is also the 4511 for that purpose.
There are a couple of web pages you can check to see more about the circuit:
Hope this info helps. Have a great day!
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