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configuration of PCI-32-HS board

Hi, expert,

I am using Labview with the PCI-32-HS board connected to an Optical Spectrum Analyzer to do data acquisition. I used the pin 31, 32, 34, 66, 67 in port D (bits 3-7) as my control lines for communicating with the spectrum Analyzer. The bit 0-2 in port D were my address lines. I faced the problem that when I configured line 31, 32, 66, 67 as the output to the Spectrum Analyzer, the line 34 as the input from the Spectrum Analyzer. When I try to write a logical high to the output line, the input line 34 seems always in the writing state too. Because I measured it receive a large current, even though I set it to read from line state originally. I tested the individual line for either output or input by using the
Labview application software, it works right, however, when using the test vi executed with the DIO 6533 board, and ran an initialization value setting for those control lines, the line 34 always in writing state. I don't know what happed, I 'v already spent several days to solve this problem but got nothing improved. Please give me some suggestion about this case. Thanks you!
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When you configure the lines, you will need to call DIO Port config (advanced funciton) to configure your port to have lines in multi directions. You will want to wire in a custum setting to the Line Direction Map terminal. A 1 indicate Output, and a 0 input. You can look at the help and the attached file for more help with this issue.

Nick W.
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