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I am  working with  PCI6601 from 4 channels: I try to generate two marks them and to acquire of a third mark (moreover trigger with one of the two marks generates them to you), but  a problem has been placed : it gives always an error to me of the type “The specificated resource is reserved”. Considered that I am using of the examples base which Count Digitl Events… and Gen Digit moreover.  Initially when I had a solo marks them of generation in contemporary to one of acqusizione, if I put the first one on ctr0 and the second ctr1, there was also in this case the error, then the thing has been  resolved placing on the second ctr2 (goodness knows because then…). Now, because I have marks them in more, there is this error another time  to me (you hold account that I have controlled every turns the just connections on the pin…).  Some idea or suggestion?  Thanks
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Duplicate post, see here
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