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What should be done to achieve a function similar to active matrix (4*4)?

Dear ALL,


I am using PCI-6221 and window 8 64bit with connector-CB-68LPR and cable-SHC68-68-EPM. I need 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.

I am new to Labview. I try to achieve the function similar to active matrix (4*4 matrix, each row got 4 pixels):

1.With the scan driver 1, I hope to scan and open row 1, row 2, row 3, row 4 and then again from row 1...the other rows will close except the scanning one, the timing1 should be adjustable;

2.With the data driver, I hope to generate 4 bit digital data (each pixel should have 16 levels of voltage) to each pixel of the open row with reference voltage from outside.The time period should be synchronized with scan 1 and include it(larger than the scan driver 1)

3.With the scan driver 2 which is used to measure voltage. Because the scan driver 2 is used to measure, I hope it can be used anytime I need it.

8 voltage outputs will turn into digits through ADC on breadboard and then send to labview.


Could you please give me some advice on this design?Thanks!

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