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Using a PCI 6024, I want to send a continious signal in a counter output

Using a PCI 6024, I tried with the programme join, to send a variable frequency  to a motor.

I utulise a counter output.

I obtain a square signal but not continous, I have a signal for 20ms, it stop 7ms and restart the operation.

How can I resolve this problem please,


Jean Claude


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Why have you stopped your while loop after one iteration? What is the need for that conditional statement if you are trying to continuously generate a pulse train?
Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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I stop the wile loop because I had modify the programme, but this while loop isn't necessary.

Jean claude

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I don't understand why you stop the task after 1 loop. if you want a continuous generation, you don't have to stop the task like that.


What do you mean when you say that the task stops 7ms?Do you you mean that the signal is at the low state dutrng 7ms?


And how do you send a variable frequency to your motor? You can find here an example of how to change your frequency or duty cycle without stopping the task:



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The while loop is an error but with or not, the programme works similar

jean claude

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I don't clearly understand whet you want to do, and what behaviour you notice. Does the link I sent you correspond to what you want do do?



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