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Using DMX with the compactRIO

Has anyone used the compactRIO to communicate accross DMX? Do you you have any VI's that can be shared? From what I can tell, the DMX512 protocol is built on top of RS485, so I should be able to use the 9871.



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Hi Joe,


Please refer to


Regards, Kate

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Hmmm... I did see that post. The RS232/DMX512 converter solution could work for us. Our application is power consumption critical (5W will make a big difference), so I am checking to see if anyone has had a similar application where they built a VI for the 9871 to operate on the DMX protocol.



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You wont need the 232 converter with a 9871 since it already uses the 485 protocol.  I tried to find some examples of this before for other customers, but have yet to find anything.  We still need someone to venture forth and experiment, share with us what you learn!  Basically you just need to know the protocol, and develop FPGA code to decode those signals.
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