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Using DAQmx USB-6003 in Linux Ubuntu

Hi, I am trying to use DAQmx USB-6003 in Linux Ubuntu 18.04. Here are the steps that I have already done:


* I installed the Linux DAQmx drivers

* I copied the examples of the ANSI C library (MultVoltUpdates-SWTimed.c) and compiled it. Precisley, I used the "make" command to compile the example code using "cc" compiler


Here is the result:

cc -g -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809L   -c -o MultVoltUpdates-SWTimed.o MultVoltUpdates-SWTimed.c
cc -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -g -o MultVoltUpdates-SWTimed MultVoltUpdates-SWTimed.o -lnidaqmx -lm



Then I execute the code using the command "./MultVoltUpdates-SWTimed," bit unfortunetly, the code ran and gave me the following error: 

DAQmx Error: Device identifier is invalid.
Device Specified: Dev8

Task Name: Testing

Status Code: -200220
End of program, press Enter key to quit

I am aware that I need to have the correct dev#/ao#  associated with my board. I used dev8/ao0 as the command "usb-devices" stated that "national instruments" is on dev8. I searched the forum for the correct way to identify dev#, but all posts refered over to NI MAX which is not available in Linux Ubuntu.


I also ran "nilsdev" but nothign returned, which makes me wonder if the drivers are seeing the board. In order to investigate this further, I also used the "system-report," but couldn't find the device listed on there either. 


I want to assure that the board is connected to an active usb port, and that there are no issues with the hardware connection itself. 


What am I missing? Please let me know what can I do to find out the correct dev# and have the system recognize the board. 






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