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USB 6008 timed switching of digital outputs

I want to use the computer's 5V digital output, via a USB 6008, to switch several power supplies on and off via mosfet relays. Basically the program I need to write will switch two or three  power supplies on for a set time and then switch off and another two power supplies switched on and so on. Is this possible to do using the USB 6008?
Also, is it possible to use the Multi-Function-Synch using the USB 6008?


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As far as I can work out from your post you have 5 power supplies that you want to trigger off the 6008 5V digital lines. You should be able to do this easily.


Regarding Synchronization on the 6008 there is no hardware clock and it is all based on interrupt requests, so no I am afraid you can’t use the Multi-Function-Synch AI-A0.VI.


If you require USB format there is the new USB 6259 M series that will do Synchronization or you can use some thing like a USB 6015,16.






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how do you go about writing the code for that? do you use time delays to control how long each power supply is on? can you please show me an example?  I am new to LV.
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I imagine that he was using digital output lines of his DAQ card to drive a solid state relay or similar. With regards to the code, this could be done by setting a line high (turning on power supply) and not setting it low again until a certain amount of time has elapsed.

If you are new to LabVIEW I would recommed looking at examples for how digital lines are written high/low as well as looking at the elapsed time express vi. This is a good starting point for begins and how they can query if a set time has elapsed.

Sorry I haven't got any example code to post, but that would take the fun out of learning 😉
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