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Try to drive one digital only.

I have a PCI 6534 digital I/O card.  Is there a VI to drive a line individually instead of the whole port?  For example, I want to be able to drive the same pin in the DUT with two lines from two different port.  How can I switch between them without resetting other 7 lines? 
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Hi bbtt,

In LabVIEW in the NI Example Finder (Help > Find Examples) there are a few different examples that can write a single line. 

Once you have the Example Finder open, Browse to Hardware Input and Output > DAQmx > Digital Generation.  Write Dig demonstates how to write values to a digital channel.  Check out the Information listed on the right side of the example finder for a more in depth explanation.  The vi itself also has documentation on the block diagram. 

Hope this helps!

Adam W
National Instruments

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