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Tools that help Configure PCI 1200 Digital IO ports

Back to the basic stuff.  How do I configure my PCI-1200 Digital IO Ports?  Say, I want Port A as OUTPUT, Port B as INPUT.   I looked into the Measure Studio and there isn't any.   I read the "PCI-1200 User Manual" did not get much suggestion.  Could anyone provide a healthy suggestions?   I am going to use VB6 to operation the PCI-1200.
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Tomax,

The PCI-1200 uses the Traditional DAQ drivers’ version 6.9.3, so I would suggest looking at the examples shipped with the driver. The following knowledge base article might be helpful for your application and show where to find the examples:

-  Programming DAQ in Visual Basic 6.0

Ana P
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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