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Serial Port Configuration

I am trying to use a serial cable between COM port 1 and a torque transducer (S. Himmelstein, 700 Series) for data acquisition.  On the computer that was originally hooked up, everything works great.  However, when I copy the program to a second computer (which has a newer version of Labview), this second computer collects no data.  In opening the vi on the newer version, there were no noticeable changes in the code.
I thought there would probably be a driver I needed to download from NI, but I could not find one that sounded appropriate.  What do I do to fix this problem?
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Does the program report an error? If so, what is the code? Do you have the error clusters wired to an indicator that will report an error code or are you using the error handler? If you're not using any error hadling, you really need to fix that.
The driver necessary for serial communication is NI-VISA. That is on the device drivers CD that came with LabVIEW so you should be able to install it from there or download the latest version. You can open MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) and view all of the software installed and verify whether VISA is installed or not. Older versions of LabVIEW had the option of using a different driver so it would also help if you explained what version of LabVIEW you converted it from and what serial functions were used.
You should also verify that you can talk to the instrument with a program like Hyperterminal. There may be a problem with the port that is not related to LabVIEW at all.
p.s. You posted this question to the Digital I/O board. You should have posted to the Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI) board.
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Did you do the VI to communcate, serially, with torquimeter works? Could you send me the VI?





David Fiorillo
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Old post and as you can see by clicking on the user name, JLL has not logged onto the forum in nearly two years.
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