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Sb-RIO 9606 errorlog

Welcome NI Community,

I'm writing to you with a treated problem.
I currently us Sb-RIO 9606 as a home automation server which uses KNX and CAN standards. The user of the home automation system can log into RIO via smartphone etc. To RIO we have uploaded an image developed by us to operate whole home automation.

Actually I've noticed that my problem occurs on 3 devices. After aroud 1 month of continous work the server crashes and I can't log into the smart home aplication. After a long time of searching I've found a source of the problem. It is an "errorlog" that is created in RIO's moemory. It is constantly rising and rising and after reaching around 300 MB the server crashes (at this point I can see that RIO's free space is totaly full). I can solve this problem by deleting errorlog file and restarting RIO but i have to do it once a month for every RIO.

Due to the size of the errorlog file I can't attach you the whole file. I'll give you only a part of it. It is recurrent.

Please help me find the source occurence of the problem. Maybe is there a way to somehow turn off the errorlog generation? Everything works fine until this errorlog reaches too big size.


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