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Pin-by-pin communication through serial port

I have a device that connects to the computer with a serial connection. The digital interface circuits are a parallel set of eight 4053 switches which accept CMOS compatible inputs for the eight tuning bits (D0-D7). LabVIEW does not recognize the instrument as a DAQmx device, but I can talk to it via VISA connection (serial). However, the instrument reads pin by pin while the output through VISA write is a serial byte on one pin. I want to send data to the device through the serial connection, but am unable to send desired values. I can send either 00.4 or 51.6 with various combinations of VISA vis, but cannot write desired values. I also have access to an old vi which uses DAQ software, but this does not work with LabVIEW 2009. Suggestions?

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You may have a DB9 connector but the instrument is not at all a serial device and using VISA is just a waste of time. It is also a waste trying to get it recognized as a DAQmx device since that is only for actual DAQ devices from NI. You would need a digital I/O card with 8 outputs and connect it to the instrument.


It also does not matter if you have old software. You need a piece of hardware.

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