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PXI 6528 DI/DO not working

This is the first test for this DAQ baord with a CB-100 unshielded connector block. This device has not worked since we recieved it.
I've applied a 22 V signal to pins 1 and 2 (P2.7), to pins 13 and 14 (P2.1), and to pins 33 and 34 (P0.7) and have not been able to see a logic high reading in the MAX test panel. 
I've also tested pins 84 and 83 (P3.7) for an output and have not gotten a reading yet. 
The constant voltage lines (pins 49/50 and 99/100) successfully output 5 V. 
I want to try another slot but do not have internet access on the PXI (can't automatically install the device in a new slot). How can I do this w/o the internet? 
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Would you mind giving me a little more background information?
  1. What driver do you have installed for this system? What version is it? You should have DAQmx installed, and if you don't have version 8.7.1, please consider upgrading to it.
  2. What PXI chassis and controller are you using?
  3. If you take out the PXI card, do you see any bent pins on the back connectors?
  4. Do any other of your PXI cards work in the system?
Finally, It's definitely a good idea to try a different PXI slot, but it's important to test a good slot. If you have a 14- or 18-slot chassis, it's best to test the card on a different PCI bridge. There is a small '|' symbol between the slots that are connected with a PCI bridge.

When trying a new slot, you won't need internet access because the driver sounds like it's already installed on the system (since you can use MAX test panels). When Windows asks to check the internet for drivers, select "No, not this time" and then "Install the software automatically". Windows should automatically find the driver and associate the 6528 with it.

If you're still having problems, please reply and share what you tried and what happened. It's possible that the board has a manufacturing defect, and in that case you would need to RMA it.
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