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According to NI's knowledge base the PCI DIO 32HS is a direct replacement for the AT DIO 32F and claims that it supports all of the functionality of the ISA based AT card. The AT DIO 32F has three counters and are used for module timing in an application that I'm trying to rehost. I'm trying to figure out if there are accessible counters on the PCI DIO 32HS. Any ideas?
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What knowledge base are you referring to?  Would you post it so I could take a closer look at it?  Also, if you are considering upgrading to the PCI 6533, I would recommend taking a look at the PCI 6534 as well. 

NI PCI-6534


Adam W
National Instruments
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Link to knowledge base article:
I need to be able to time software modules using a hardware counter/timer in a Real-time system.
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Hello TempDawg55,

The counters that you are referring to on the DIO-32F are simply used to drive the REQ1 and REQ2 lines when doing pattern generation with handshaking.  This same functionality exists on the DIO-32HS (6533) even though the documentation doesn't refer to any counters driving these lines.  So if you are looking to use handshaking, you can use the 6533 as a direct replacement.  For more information on the 6533/6534 and how to program them with NI-DAQmx, please refer to NI 6533/6534 Devices for NI-DAQmx Help.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,
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Yes, I do use handshaking to transfer data. Also, I need to be able to read the counter value and reset the counter. What I really need to know is if and how the counter value can be read in LabVIEW.
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The 6533/6534 do not have counters that you can directly read from.  If you need to do counter operations, I would suggest using a second board, either a multifunction MIO board such as an M Series or a Counter/Timer board like the 660x. 

Best regards,
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