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I have PCI-6536 and PCI-6536b. Can anyone please tell me how can i use both in one computer in scanning machine and how to install driver separately for both.



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Hello ADIL65421,


I would like to clarify, what do you mean by: "how can i use both in one computer" and what means "scanning machine"?


Regarding drivers you don't need to install separate drivers.

As an example "NI-DAQmx 20.0" supports both: PCI-6536 and PCI-6536b modules. See "NI-DAQmx 20.0 Readme".


As a possible answer to first question, here in "DAQ GETTING STARTED GUIDE"  you can find information about installing software and device.

If you mean how to communicate/drive the modules at the same time then I have more questions as it depends what you are actually what to do.

As a starting point I recommend you to evaluate this KB articles:


NI 653X User Manual for Traditional NI-DAQ


NI-DAQmx Syntax for Specifying Physical Channel Strings


Physical Channel Syntax


Select More Than One NI-DAQmx Channel in LabVIEW


Also, when you install drivers it should add examples in LabVIEW, so you can use them, copy and modify to make easy for you to get started.

Please let me know does it helps and if you have questions?

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