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PCI-6534 Device Driver Availability

I am thinking of using a PCI-6534 for continious streaming 32 bit digital pattern generation from a host PC and clocked via an external clock at 1 - 10 MHz. From the benchmarks it seems that the PCI-6534 will meet these needs. My question involves device drivers. Windows is not an option for the system I am constructing as we have stability requirements that border on the need for a hard real time system. Is there enough information available about the card to allow a device driver to be written for an operating system such as Linux or RTLinux? Alternatively are such drivers available or alternatively for a RTOS such as QNX or VxWorks?
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National Instruments does not provide drivers for the Operating Systems you listed.

However, there is a lot of information available on the PCI-DIO-32HS and register level programming available on the National Instruments website at:
view the Register Level programming link.
under that link there is some information about programming the card through the registers. Also view the DAQ Register Programming link in the register programming site for examples and header files.

In addition you may want to visit
where National Instruments provides information and a link to the Comedi group which has developed a Driver for Linux that has had success with the PCI-DIO-32HS.

Hope this help you get starte
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