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PCI-6527 Error 1612 occured while installing NI-PAL 1.5.6f0 Engine

Hi all,

Hope some one can help.

Whilst installing the driver for a PCI-6527 I/O card I keep getting the following error...


Error 1612 occured while installing NI-PAL 1.5.6f0 Engine.

Continue installing other products? [YES/NO]

(See attachment)


I've installed tons of these before and never had this problem until recently. The PC has Windows XP SP3.

The driver software is Version 6.9.3

I know it's an old version of the software but I've written some custom DLL's against that specific version and due to time contraints I can't update my stuff. But that aside this used to work just fine.


Anyone else seen this error before?

Kind Regards,


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Hi Chris,


I searched for this issue and it was down to the DAQ card already being physically installed into the computer whilst running the install.

By any chance are you doing the same?


Many thanks,

John McLaughlin
Academic Account Manager
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Hi John,


No the card wasn't in the machine, although I have done that in the past by mistake - so fair suggestion.


I was able to install the software without errors by creating a local admin account. The driver for the card was automatically found when the card was inserted. So it seems to be ok. Not sure how it will behave when a domain account logs in and tries to use it. I've shipped the PC off for test against the hardware (which I don't have access to), so I'll see what happens.


Thanks for your reply,




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