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PCI 6514 Interface

I'm going to be using a PCI 6514 DIO card to run a test machine (other cards doing the DAQ). I'm trying to figure out the best option for connecting to the thing to the test box. The thing is, I'm only going to be using about 13 pins on that card and I need to pass these wires into a control box.

I've got the 185095-02CABLE ASSY, TYPE SH100-100-FLEX, 2 m. Its very bulky. Its 2 meters long, and has 2 cables, ~1/2" diamter, running between the connectors. Even if I do use this, does anyone know a mating AMP bulk head connector with solder connections in the back, to put on a test box?

I've also got  the low cost CB-100 series setup, which is nice for bench testing, but doesn't clean up very well for a production machine..

I've looked at the 776990-01most popular itemSCB-100 Noise Rejecting, Shielded I/O Connector Block, but this is a pretty big chunk of metal to hang off of the back of the PC out into the test area, mainly because its got pin outs for all 100 pins.

Ideally, I guess I'd like a shell that interfaces to the PCI-6514, that I can add my own wires to. Does anyone know the specifcation to use when hunting for mating connectors?
Paul Johnson
Renco Encoders, Inc
Goleta, CA
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Hi Paul,

We provide part numbers for our 100 pin connectors, both cable and board-mount in this knowledgebase.  You may need to save or print the image to be able to read the table correctly.  These connectors can help you make a custom connection to PCI-6514 to meet your requirements.

Hope this helps!


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