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PCI-6509: Slooooow Reset?!?

Is it just my setup, or does the PCI-6509 have a slow reset time?

When I execute the command DAQmxResetDevice on my 6509, it takes 10 seconds to complete. The same command run on a 6711 only takes 1 second or less. This reset is done at the start of my application.

I'm runing DAQmx 7.3 and CVI 7.1.

- Nobody

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I don't believe that the 6509 has a slow reset time. I would recommend upgrading your DAQmx drivers to the current DAQmx 8.0 and seeing if your problem persists. These drivers can be found here:

Also, you should try reseting it from Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX), it will be making the same driver calls, but might give us some insight as to whether the issue is with CVI or the DAQ hardware. In MAX the reset option can be found by opening the Devices and Interfaces tab, then under the DAQmx Devices right click on your card and Reset device will be one of your options. Give those things a shot and let me know how it goes.


P.S. Love your name :).
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MAX reset the 6509 almost instantly. There was no noticable hang-up.

I'm downloading DAQmx V8.0 as we speak. (Horay for free updates!) Once I have it installed, I'll post the results and a snippit of the code I'm using to reset the device.

- Nobody
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I'm now running V8.0, and the reset time dropped from 10s to 2s. It's still not as fast as a MAX reset, but it does work better.

- Nobody

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