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NPN Proximity sensor to USB-6009

Hi everyone,

Looking for some help on how to safely wire a SICK proximity sensor to the DIO on the USB-6009 card. I'm no electrical engineer so really don't know how to create a circuit. The output sensor is powered with a 24V supply and gives a 24V output. The USB-6009 only takes 5V TTL but I'm stuck on how to create a voltage divider to connect it correctly. Any help would be appriciated. 


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Hello DavidT,


The following document provides more information about the voltage divider principle.Vi will be your system (24V) and Vo (e.g 5V) will connect to the DAQ card. Using the following equation the ratio of the of the resistors can be calculated [(Vo/Vi)=R2/(R1+R2)].


Best regards


Ali M

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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