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NIDAQ w/Borland c++ 4.5.1 migrating to Windows 98

I've got a problem when I was trying to convert a really old system (486DX) that uses PC-DIO-24 card to a new system(P4). An application was originally developed using Borland C++ 4.5.1 with NIDAQ (I think it's v4.6). I can't get the applicatio to work correctly on the new system.
On a new computer (P4 with 3 ISA slots, one of the ISA is for PC-DIO-24) I installed windows 98. Then I installed the PC-DIO-24 card and installed NIDAQ version 7.0 (Tech support told me to use this version). Then I migrated (basically Copy and paste EXE and all library files) the application from the old computer (which was running WIN3.1) to the new computer.
Now the program returns error code -99 when it attempts to configure a port (DIG_PRT_CONFIG???). I don't know where this is comming from. The card appears to be configured correctly in the NIDAQ configuration panel. No IRQ or other conflicts.
ANyhelp would begreatly appreciated.
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When the versions of DAQ drivers are significantly different, functions can often change slightly which can affect code execution. The first thing that I recommend doing is looking through the code itself and checking all of the functions, particularly the ones that generate errors. A good resource to compare these functions is the Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) C Function Reference Help. This is located in Start >> All Programs >> National Instruments >> NI-DAQ. I also found a couple of knowledgebases that concern the error -99. These appear to be for older versions of DAQ, but they are worth looking at.

Error -99 is returned when calling any DAQ function in Borland C version 4.5 for DOS.
What is NI-DAQ Error -99?

I hope this helps.

Hal L.

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