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NI-6583 with PXIe-7976r error code -63150

I get the following error when executing my VI: Error -63150 occurred at Possible reason(s): NI-RIO: (Hex 0xFFFF0952) An unspecified hardware failure has occurred. The operation could not be completed. The error occurred when I used the NI-6583 digital I/O module with PXIe-7976R to run the signal generation example. I changed the slot 7976R used and confirmed the connection between NI-6583, but the error still existed. The module worked fine days ago, but today it went bad. Is there any hardware problem with NI - 7976R ?
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Could you try other examples that do not use the 6583?  This will help us see if it is the FlexRIO or the FAM

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