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How can I do buffered handshaking digital read on one board and generate digital patterns on another board simultaneously?

I am acquiring high-speed digital data with buffered handshaking configuration (on a 6533 DIO board). I am also seperately generating low-speed digital parterns with a 6071E multifunction board in immediate mode. However, when I try to do the two tasks simultaneously in one program, the generation of the pattern is done only once the acquisition is finished. Is there a way to do both tasks simultaneously? I want to send the pattern to a DUT and at the same time, acquire its output in a buffer. How can I do this?
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The best solution would be to use a 6533 to send the pattern and to acquire the output.
If you are using 16 lines or less on the 6533 to output the digital pattern, you could use the other 16 lines to acquire the data at the same rate.

If you are using more than 16 lines to send the data, you can use an additional 6533 to acquire the data and the two boards can be synchronized via RTSI bus on the back of the card.

The reason the 6071E will not work in your application is because the 6071E digital lines are software timed (no hardware timing option) where as the 6533 lines are hardware timed.
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So if I understand correctly, there is no way to do software processing with Labview while a card is doing buffered acquisition?
Thanks for your reply,
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