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Dirac Delta Pulse for Black Box Indentification



I am trying to create a vi for system identification purpose. I am using Agilent 4140B pico Ammeter\ DC Voltage source. The idea is to create a dirac delta pulse (whihc is a pulse of infinite amplitude and zero width) and send it through the transmission line to the deivce. The response, reflection, absorption and disspiation of the device in voltage and current can be calcuated by the caputring the response of the device.


Another way is to keep on trigger the dc voltage source at different levels and create a sine wavefrom for a particular time period for a time. The reflection response of the device's voltage and current wavefrom is to be compared to the incident sine wave at the zero phase points sholud contain information about the device.This is like impedance matching and transmission line reflection charactertics experiment.


I am having trouble in implementing the dirac and sine wave.


Please advise and share an example code.






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Your subVIs are missing. Attach and post to the instrument control board. You question has nothing to do with an NI digital I/O board.


You should also consider getting rid of the stacked sequnce structure.

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I agree with Dennis, this thread may get more results on a different board. Maybe Instrument Control. I saw you posted another thread under DIO, please try to only create one thread per question.


In any case, what NI hardware are you using? Do you need help setting up your hardware for the experiment, or is your question more theoretical?

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